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Monday, May 16, 2022 - 15 Iyyar 5782
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Miracle Child

Five years had passed since Esther Arieli gave birth to her firstborn son. During all this time, Esther and her husband longed for another child, but she did not conceive. They consulted doctors, tried various treatments, but nothing seemed to help.

Through friends in her neighborhood, Esther heard about the Lubavitcher Rebbe in New York, and the power of his blessings. She wrote a letter to the Rebbe requesting a blessing. As she had been instructed, Esther added that in order to merit the Rebbe's blessing, she took upon herself to keep the Jewish laws of family purity.

Esther did not receive an answer to her letter. However, within the year, she gave birth to a daughter. Later, another daughter was born, and the Arieli family felt complete. Still, they hoped for another son.

Therefore, when Esther conceived for a fourth time, she was overjoyed. Then, after a routine checkup, the doctor reported some unsettling news. A defect had been found in the fetus, and the doctor advised Esther to abort. Esther refused to hear of it. She wanted desperately to keep the baby.

As the weeks wore on, Esther took more tests and the doctors' warnings became more dire. Esther's resolved weakened until finally, with a heavy heart, she made an appointment for the procedure, and she and her husband signed all the paperwork. However, she found no peace in her decision and went home depressed, hoping for a miracle.

At that stage, she decided to write to the Rebbe once again. She called her Chabad friend and asked for help composing a letter to the Rebbe.

In her letter, Esther described the prognosis of the doctors, and their warnings of what might happen if she did not undergo an abortion. She asked the Rebbe to bless her with strength to withstand the pressure of the doctors and make the right choice. She also added that she was committed to keeping the laws of family purity.

Esther sent her letter to the Rebbe, but her heart remained heavy. She saw no way out. Her friends tried to lift her spirits, but the days passed with no concrete change in her situation.

The day of the scheduled abortion arrived. Esther woke up early and decided to recite some chapters of Psalms. She cried bitterly and asked G-d to help her in this situation, when all seemed to be lost. Only a few hours before her appointment, her husband brought in the mail, and they saw that there was a letter from the Rebbe.

Even before opening the letter, Mr. Arieli felt conflicted. He was sure that the Rebbe would oppose their plan, but they had already decided to listen to the doctors. He wondered if he should try to hide the Rebbe's letter from his wife.

Upon opening the letter, his suspicions were confirmed. The letter said:

“In response to the information about her condition: G-d will complete the days of her pregnancy properly and with ease, and she will give birth to a strong and healthy child in the right time. Her request will be read at the gravesite of my father-in-law.

“P.S. It would be appropriate to inspect the tefillin and mezuzot in their dwelling, to make sure that they are all kosher.”

Mr. Arieli thought about the Rebbe's letter, and then continued on to work. He was still undecided. At work, he met a good friend who was associated with Chabad, and decided to consult with him. He showed his friend the Rebbe's letter, and the friend immediately advised him not to ignore the Rebbe's advice.

In confusion, Mr. Arieli returned home. An hour before the scheduled appointment, he showed his wife the Rebbe's answer. Esther's relief was palpable. She suddenly felt secure enough to resist the pressure of the doctors and make the decision that she knew was right.

That same day, Esther and her husband brought their mezuzot to be inspected. Several were found to be defective and were replaced.

Until the end of her pregnancy, Esther clutched the Rebbe's letter, which had arrived in the nick of time. Towards the end of her pregnancy, Esther experienced more complications and the doctors wanted to induce labor. However, they held off and Esther went into labor naturally. The birth itself was complicated, but the baby was delivered safely. “Your son is a gift from above,” the doctor told her, and noted on the chart that his safe birth was a medical miracle.

Esther and her husband named their newborn son Natan. Natan is now a healthy teenager who enjoys telling his friends about his good fortune in being born “the Rebbe's child.” 



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