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Tuesday, June 6, 2023 - 17 Sivan 5783
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Good Use

The Internet, undoubtedly, is the most notable innovation of the late 20th century. A vast web of information, covering every discipline known to mankind, connecting everyone and everything through nothing more than a tenuous computer link.

 However, the Internet is not without its flaws. Although it can bring us to all these wondrous places, can also take us to some unthinkable ones as well. With one click of a mouse you can be exposed to the worst filth, with very little oversight or controls. Men, women and especially children have fallen prey to the destructive forces of the Internet.

Why, indeed, did G-d enable us to discover the power of the Internet? This question is no more valid than asking why He allowed us to discover the atom. As the generations go on, G-d allows us to discover more and more secrets of nature – in the hopes that we will put them to appropriate use.

It is clear to us that it would not be desirable for every individual to have access to atomic energy. Certainly there are some irresponsible individuals who would endanger mankind with this power. In the same way, the power of the Internet is not equally safe in the hands of everyone. Certainly not children, who are innately curious and insufficiently aware of danger; they do not have the experience that would enable them to use good judgment and keep away from harmful sites. Yet, we would not want to be deprived of the wonderful things that can be accomplished through the secret of atomic energy, just because some cannot be trusted with this power. Similarly, some believe that the capacity for good that the Internet has outweighs its capacity for destruction, as long as we are wise enough to make the right choices.


In this week’s Torah portion we read the Divine commandment, “And you shall make for Me a sanctuary and I will dwell in their midst.” The simple interpretation of this verse is that we should build a structure that will serve as a dwelling for the Shechinah. However, the verse uses the term “in their midst,” plural, to teach us that G-d wishes to dwell within each and every one of us. He wants us to transform everything with which we come into contact so that it expresses its divine purpose. “Whatever G-d created in this world, He created only for His glory” – and our task is to reveal that glory which is expressed through everything in this world.

When the complete Redemption will come, with the revelation of Moshiach, we will easily be able to recognize G-d’s glory. It will be evident in the entire world and nothing will hide it. However, we need to begin now to reveal G-d’s glory in this world, and this will lead to the ultimate revelation, speedily. Through using our innate judgment and discernment we can use G-d’s gifts in the proper way, to glorify His name.


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